Rant: What’s wrong with us?

As the human investation continues to smother the planet our societal behavior will need to adapt. Our perspective and expectations need to be adjusted. I don’t have any answers, just observations.

Why do people leave shopping carts blocking parking spaces, in median gardens or uphill where a wind can blow them down onto other people’s cars?

Yesterday I witnessed such lack of awareness. The person in question unloads their puchases into a new VW beetle then pulls the cart out of HER way into another spot and then drives away. The cart collection area was less than 50 feet away and she could certainly use more exercise than she’s getting. Perhaps, Karmicly she’ll get hers. A stray cart left by some uncaring individual will roll down and blemish her new car.

Why is it so difficult to see beyond our own nose? Is this an American trait? Saddly I suspect it is. We are used to having the room to be selfish. Now we’re stepping on the toes of those we didn’t notice before. Everywhere we look there is someone in "our" space.

There isn’t enough map left to go on with this mindset. Shopping carts are just a symptom. Hopefully we will open our eyes enough to see that EVERYTHING we do makes ripples that rock the other boats in this crowded pond we share.

Enough ranting. Have a great week!

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One Response to Rant: What’s wrong with us?

  1. MZONE says:

    Yes, well said. Shopping cart etiquette is seldom practiced. Another frustrating habit is people throwing trash on the ground or cigarette butts out the car window. Who do they think is going to clean it up? Do they think it just magically disappears? There are lots of examples of selfish actions, mindless waste and lack or caring and/or understanding of the big picture. All we can really do is comment about it and hope our comments touch someones life and cause them to stop and think and change.

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