Happy Thanksgiving

This is the very first Thanksgiving that my wife and I have even spent
it alone.  Just the two of us, and that is OK by me.  Sure, I
enjoy the company of my extended family and I’ve been blessed to have a
pretty good bunch of relatives.  Logistically, it just didn’t work
out this year.

So now I can be thankful I don’t have to brave the travelers cloging
the motorways.  I can be thankful that my wife and I can enjoy
this Holiday together.  I can be thankful for the gastronomic
delights we will enjoy today including our garden grown apples baked
into a pie and the last of our fresh tomatoes (store bought are so
bland by comparison).

It is also our fifth aniversary in this wonderful house.  Blessing
after blessing has come our way in this house.  From the moment we
purchased the land our lives have been greatly enriched living
here.   It has done more than shelter and protect us.  I
has given us pride and confidence.  We wake each morning inside
this home and it is a very apparent symbol of those many
blessings.  The soil is excellent, centuries old trees grandly
stretch to the sky, flora and fauna thriving and so much more all in a
peaceful setting that invites you to explore the pathes and

While I may not "derserve" this, I am thankful that I had the
opportunity to build this home.  It was worth each drop of sweat
and blood.  I am grateful and humbled. 

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you.

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