My Favorite Marlin

Further evidence that "Life is Good!" came in the form of a Marlin 39A Mountie.  Though aquired by paying a small ransom, it is now in my care and it is my hope that will remain so for a very long time.  I am an enthusiastic collector of these fine rimfires.  They have been produced since 1891 and continue to be to this day with few alterations*.  If you have one that needs a home, please let me know .

This particular Model 39 has quickly become my favorite.  The aesthetic and scale are about as perfect as I can imagine.  Not only is it fun and practical,  it conjers up images and memories buried in our heritage.  Simply holding it brings a smile and transports me back to my boyhood.  Happy memories come flooding back and I imagine new adventures.

While I haven’t had it long I have already begun testing it.  The accuracy with the original sights has proven exceptional.  7/16" groups at 25 meters from the sitting position with the Aguila SE Subsonic.  Slightly larger with the Fedral Bulk ammunition.  Even CCI CB Longs produce respectible 3/4" groups at this range.

While I am eagerly looking forward to my next trip to the range I will continue to smile and dream of the wonderful adventures we will have together.

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2 Responses to My Favorite Marlin

  1. Mo says:

    Then a 39 CL came along and my world changed again. What a perfect little rifle.
    Wait a minute, years later an old (made in 1905 Marlin 1894 in 32-20 came along and wow, ain’t that a lot of fun… even at 600 yards! Wow!

  2. The Mountie is gone. The CL and the 1894 32-20 are still along for the ride. Like them both a LOT.

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