War on our shores,,, again.

How does this make sense?

A guy is pissed off at Isreal so he shoots women working at a Jewish charity center.  Another guy is pissed off at the USA so he runs down a bunch of students on campus.  Another guy gets pissed and hates America so he kills a guy in the airport…  Islama what?

OK, I’ll guess at why.  You are so steamed about your perceived mistreatment that your only solution is to kill people.  Then the people you harm get pissed at you and  really start mistreating you.  You use that to further justify violence.  A never ending cycle.  I seriously doubt Allah would approve.

HEAR THIS.  We want what you want.  We want peace.  We want you to succeed.  We want you to be free to live (peacefully) in your homeland the way you want to live.  We want you to accept that we don’t have to agree with you or you with us.  We just have to choose to accept there are some things we will never agree on.

Our problems won’t be solved by spilling blood.  That only widens the divide.

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