Five years ago my patriotic spirit was awakened.  Never before had I taken
pride in my American citizenship.  Now it is central to my identity.

years ago I asked ‘why?".   Now I have a better understanding though I think the
consequences of the vile demented lot that carried out and supported the attacks
underestimated the resolve and reaction of the United States of America.  I
wonder know if they believe the invitation they issued to join them on the
battlefield on their soil was worth it?

I guess the purpose was to begin
the perverted version of the apocalypse by a radical group of thugs.  Their
supporters are uneducated and misguided.  They may achieve their goal but I
seriously doubt their interpretation is anything short of blasphemy.

could rant and rail on this further but others have said it better.  Here is
such a post that was emailed to me today.  How appropriate…

I am the worst nightmare of terrorists and tyrants, for I am an

I exercise my rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
through the lifestyle of my own choosing, without having those rights
taxed, regulated, or prohibited by law.

I can speak out against anyone — including corporate, political, and
religious leaders — without fear of arrest, execution, or reprisal
of any kind.

I can remain silent when questioned about my activities and those of
others without being forced to do otherwise, and I can never be
forced to confess to anything that I did or did not do.

I can write articles, essays, poetry, and stories extolling the
virtues of one idea over another without fear of censorship from any
lawful authority.

I can create works of art that do not have to be complimentary to any
person, corporation, religion, or political entity, and do so without
fear of prosecution or reprisal.

I can practice any religion of my choosing — or choose to practice
no religion at all — without risking a death sentence.

I can own firearms and take them up to defend myself, my family, and
my country from all aggressors, both foreign and domestic, and never
risk having those firearms confiscated by an oppressive government.

I cast my votes in private, without paying for the right to vote, and
without fear of reprisal for casting an unpopular vote.

I can gather together with my family, friends, and coworkers anytime
we want without having to get permission from governmental
authorities, or limit the size of our gathering.

I can marry any one person of my own free will; provided only that we
are both unmarried, that they are of the opposite gender and of legal
age, and that the other person also chooses to marry me of their own
free will.

I own personal property; and nobody — not even the government — has
the right to take it from me, trespass upon it, or even examine it,
without my expressed permission.

I enjoy absolute privacy, without having to account to anyone what I
do in private.

I can never own another person, nor can another person ever own me,
whether by virtue of birth, indebtedness, governmental decree, or
tyrannical rule.

I can never be forced to buy, sell, barter, or trade away my rights
or the rights of any other person.

I choose to support any corporate, political and religious leaders
only as long as they serve well those whom they lead; and that it is
my duty as a citizen to oppose those leaders when they serve badly.

I can expect to receive a speedy and fair trial; to be presumed
innocent of all charges until proven otherwise; to have legal counsel
during all phases of that trial; to confront all witnesses and
evidence against me; to have a jury of my peers determine my fate; to
appeal any convictions; and if acquitted, to never again be charged
with the same crime.

I work in my chosen profession, live in my chosen home, attend my
chosen place of worship, enjoy the company of my chosen friends,
receive my chosen education, own my chosen property, marry my chosen
spouse, raise my children by my chosen methods, and make all those
choices freely and in good faith of my right to make them, and
without having those choices dictated to me. The right to choose is
the root of all freedom.

I am an American. Fear me, for I am free."

I wish you the same rights and freedoms that I enjoy.  May your journey in this life be a peaceful one and you receive and recognize the blessings bestoded  upon you. 

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