Political Predictions 2009

1-Obama will be more moderate than the left would hope.  Less change than promised and not noticeable at "street level" – business as usual.  I think he’ll have a few stains and bruises on him as those around him prove to be less trustworthy, more corrupt and with a lower moral standard.

2-A backlash to the "throw money at the problem" solutions Congress continues to put forth.

3-No progress on health coverage.  Too costly and limited middle ground.

4-Taxes, little if any change in the form of relief.  I believe there is a better chance that we will see tax increases in things like energy.

5-With Bush out of the picture it will begin to be OK again to be Republican.

6-Republicans will try to re-brand themselves as conservatives.  Progress will be slow and resisted by elements within the party.

7- The auto-bailout will NOT succeed.

8- Any rebound in the economy will come from the private sector in spite of government efforts.

My Political wish list:
-Obama raises the bar in Washington DC.  Corruption is flushed out and those responsible are held accountable.
-Rural voters get a voice.
-Campaign reform that allows more voices to be heard, not just the extremist, sensational or media condoned factions.
-Government lives within its means ( Governor Chris Gregiore has shown resolve and made some tough choices – applause from me!)
-The critical mass realizes that government is not the best way to solve problems.

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