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Millions, billions and trillions

What’s the difference between a million, a billion, a trillion? A million seconds is 12 days. A billion seconds is 31 years. A trillion seconds is 31,688 years. A million minutes ago was – 1 year, 329 days, 10 hours … Continue reading

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Aldo Leopold

"A thing is right when it tends to preserve the diversity, stability, and beauty of the life community. It is wrong when it tends to do otherwise." — Aldo Leopold

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Wisdom quotes

To be satisfied with a little, is the greatest wisdom; and he that increaseth his riches, increaseth his cares; but a contented mind is a hidden treasure, and trouble findeth it not. Akhenaton Wisdom is the quality that keeps you … Continue reading

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Will Rogers Quote

"The nation is prosperous on the whole,but how much prosperity is there in a hole?"                                                                                                  -Will Rogers

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Mark Twain Quote

"Each man must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, which course is patriotic and which isn’t. You cannot shirk this and be a man. To decide against your conviction is to be an unqualified and … Continue reading

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Texas Ranger lyrics

Tex Ritter Lyrics The Texas Rangers Lyrics Come all you Texas Rangers, wherever you may be I’ll tell you of some trouble that happened unto me My name is nothing extra, so that I will not tell But here’s to … Continue reading

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Paging Henry Bowman

Wow, if you have a Ron Paul sticker on your car, you might be a domestic terrorist. Well, I don’t have one, but I do vote for third parties.  I guess that means my name is on some list … Continue reading

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