Memorial Day

We are in debt.  It is a debt that cannot be repaid.  I’m not talking about the financial mess our nation is in right now but the debt we owe to those who have paid the ultimate price, their lives for our freedom. 

That debt is beyond measure and far surpasses the mind boggling trillions in debt financially this nation is in.  The men and women have paid a price beyond measure.  Their families have suffered a loss that cannot be made whole.  A nation – the best one on the planet – would not exist without their contribution. 

Sadly, their sacrifice was made because of the ineptitude and power hungry.  Leaders, both the elected and those taken by force failed to address or later find a solution to a problem that no doubt was based in greed and ego.  Had Europe stood up against hitler earlier would the price (in blood) been as high?

We face other threats today.  North Korea tested another nuke yesterday.  The rational is inconceivable to me – yet I doubt the world community will take action at the cost of some future calamity and back to the point of this entry, at the cost of the lives of brave men and women and the innocents that were lost due to inaction.

So, this day, tiny fraction of a year we commemorate the most noble and honorable.  Those that paid for that which we take for granted – our freedom – which can never be repaid.  I can only offer my thanks and hope that in living my life a free man is some testament to your courage and sacrifice.  I am deeply grateful and hope that my life will do you honor.

May your body rest in peace and your spirit live in heaven.  Thank you.

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