Could the Underwear Bomber have been more effective?

Short answer?  No

Had the “underwear bomber” actually been successful in detonating the explosives the United States Constitution would not be under attack by the Obama administration.  Fearing the intelligence they have is true, and that America is in fact under threat of attack the Obama administration, like the Bush administration before him, has decided to trample the Constitution in the guise of making us “safe.”

So now, if I choose to travel by airplane I must subject myself to a search that if I did it to any other citizen, including anyone in my own family, I could be arrested and probably convicted for sexual assault.  How FUCKED up is that?

What is next?  Buses? Trains? Libraries? Dept. of Motor Vehicles?  Court?  Walmart?

Safety is can NOT be guaranteed!  Even these invasive and humiliating searches can’t protect us from a cunning and determined enemy.

This is insanity.  Where is the leadership?  Is being politically correct more important than our rights?  Is this pretense of security worth the sacrifice of your freedom?

Any reason for me to travel by air must be now be weighed against being sexually violated WITHOUT reasonable suspicion or cause, or having my body irradiated and the picture of me naked stored in some database so the government can create the illusion of us being safe…  That reason is beyond my imagination.

I suspect there are others that share my opinion.  I would bet it further harms our already struggling economy.  Nice job Mr. President.  I don’t want to coddled.  I am willing to assume some risk to maintain my liberty.  PLEASE don’t dabble in my life.

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