Swirling around inside my head

My life goes on, essentially as it always has for me, which is to say, it is going well.  I’m healthy, happy and prosperous.  I’ve managed to stay afloat in this economic downturn.  I don’t miss eating out, going to movies or the spontaneous extravagances I enjoyed 7 or so years ago.  Perhaps it was because I was able enjoy such dalliances and found them no more gratifying than not indulging in them, a perspective some that feel left behind might not agree with.

Observing the news – online, radio and TV primarily – I find it difficult to resolve what is happening there with my own experience.  Issues such as the financial crisis are nebulous and not easy to understand.  I doubt anyone really knows or can predict where that is headed.  It is as if we’re all riding on a train heading toward a precipice,  perhaps the engine and some of the forward car have already left the tracks and the crash is inevitable.

Gold is over$1400 again and Silver has topped $30 / oz.   I believe this is a sign of the lack of confidence in the economy’s direction.

Fed Chairman Bernake says he’s got it under control.  He has to say that.  I seriously doubt he has the tools he needs to steer the economy in the desired direction.  He may have the tools to put on the brakes but any real remedy will likely be in spite of his actions.

A correction is looming.  The scale of which I can not predict, though I suspect the impact of it will be deeply felt.  The form of the correction will likely begin with a financial meltdown though the trigger could come from any direction.

My hope is that this farther down the road and I’ll be better prepared.  I’d like to have property that would allow me to be more food and energy sovereign.  That theory might not work as those that have will likely be targets of those who don’t.  Remoteness or mobility would be needed to keep it.  A willingness to fight for self preservation will be tested.  Those of us conditioned to easy living might find it difficult to adjust and wait for rescue and/or just give up.  The mindset required to survive and to thrive could be very different that anything we recognize and understand today.

Interesting times.

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