2010 predictions

These are the predictions (Wild Guesses) I made last January.

-Stock Market:   8500    **Currently 11,000
-Gas prices: $3.57 (locally), peak at $4.24/gal about labor day.      **Currently $3.20 and never got near $4
-Unemployment.  Since this is based on current enrollment and not actual unemployed numbers I will simply say greater than 10%          **Currently 9.8%
-Republicans will gain seats in the house and senate.  It won’t really matter (they are all the same anyway).  Democrats will retain the majorities.   **The Republicans did make gains in both houses and took control in the House of Representatives.
-Food prices will rise.   ** They did indeed
-Washington State will raise the sales tax.  **They did try but most were repealed or rejected in the November elections.
-Global Warming (hoaxers?) will continue to unravel.    ** It has lost steam.  Proponents are changing the verbiage and now it is called “Climate Change.”
-Hostilities with Iran between the USA and/or Israel will make the news.   **So far it has not devolved into a shooting war but Iran has announced its ability to refine uranium.  The world is keeping a sharp eye out but most likely will do nothing until it has to  react or it is political feasible to take our minds off of some other crisis.
-President Obama’s popularity sub 45%  **He might even be under 40% now….
-Rob Mckenna, WA AT will emerge as the Republican front runner for Gov of WA in 2012. **This looks likely.  Smart  politician.
-Government deficits will grow.   **Revenue shortfalls continue at all levels of government.

-Whitehouse spokesman gibbs will be replaced.    **Gibbs is hanging on.  Probably a tough position to fill and Gibbs does make the President look better by contrast.

-No Islamic extremist attacks greater than Ft Hood (2009) attack.  ** It appears those willing to attack don’t really have the means.  There have been a few willing that were caught up in FBI stings – stinks of entrapment – but it does seem as if any large scale (Jihad) attacks are less likely.  Sadly our Government in the name (pretense) of protecting us has further invaded our privacyA more likely avenue for large scale attack is from the Drug Cartels.
-Colton Harris Moore is caught.  ** Caught in the Bahamas, currently in custody in Seattle.  Probably on the verge of being rich, getting a girlfriend and a sentence that will not satisfy his victims.

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