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War Theory

There is the belief that warfare can be limited, surgical and ethical. The reality in my estimation is that the violence is far more grievous to the war fighters who are traumatized – it ain’t no video game – and … Continue reading

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That evil dead guy, or so I’m told

I’ve heard about this guy who really didn’t like American (infidels) on his turf or being friends with his enemies so he attacked them and now there are more Americans on his turf and a whole bunch more of hist … Continue reading

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I find it interesting that we can target for assassination a leader of a country which I believe is a member of the UN. A few days ago NATO attacked the compound of the Libyan leader Kadoffi (sp?) killing one … Continue reading

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Bin Laden Dead

President Obama told us last night that Osama Bin Laden is dead. In a mission he authorized (translation: let folks do their jobs) a strike team was able to infiltrate a fortified compound where Bin Laden had lived from some … Continue reading

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