Much political debate is swirling around the various media outlets, typically slanted to best suit their targeted audience…  Some say it helped fight the (never ending) “war on terror,” others claiming otherwise.

What occurs to me is:

  • Our government used and excused torture by claiming it was “legal” and not really harmful.
  • Our government lied about it and probably still is.
  • If our government is willing to torture those they merely suspect might have information, what stops them from torturing you for some equally flimsy reason?
  • Is there any threshold to what our government is willing to do?
  • The CIA, their legal advisers and others who should know better did this in our name.
  • Can being locked up indefinitely, without charges or due process be considered torture?
  • More proof that government = force and there are no real consequences for those criminals within it.  The scars and tarnish are for the rest of us to bear.

Something that should be painfully clear by now is that our foreign policy has not and will not achieve the stated goals.  We cannot fix or bring peace to a region by bombing it. Imagine how we would feel if a country on the other side of the world repeatedly killed our citizens “accidentally” on our soil while hunting for its enemies.  What right do we continually project our military might world wide and how can it be claimed that it makes us safer?

Even our “aid” quashes local enterprises (Haiti-rice).  The adage “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day.  Teach him to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime” comes to mind.  Our influence (interference) is temporary, expensive and ineffective in the long run.  Cultures find their own equilibrium despite our best (or worst) efforts and some do NOT sync with ours.

Different ideas are needed.  Policy needs to be applied uniformly and not just where the politically connected donors benefit financially.

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