Does a government that does not obey its own laws make you feel safer?

Mass data collection without probable cause and a warrant is illegal, yet our government collects all of our data to “keep us safe” from the terrorist boogeymen.  Theoretically it is officially illegal now for them to do that, but it was illegal before and that didn’t stop them.

Does a government that does not obey its own laws make you feel safer?

Do you trust them to do the right thing?

They need the terrorist boogeymen to justify their jobs and are good at creating and endless supply of them by bombing them into existence in order to “keep us safe.”  There is little doubt that our governments efforts to make us safer have in fact had the exact opposite effect.  The murdering and incarceration without charges of innocents has fueled the fires of extremist ideologies – which when compared to our own ham-fisted foreign policy doesn’t seem that different, especially when you’re in the crosshairs of a bunch of yahoos “just doing their jobs.”

I regularly hear that it is the governments primary function to “keep us safe.”  Does anyone really believe that we are safer by becoming prisoners in our own land – patted down/x-rayed in order to travel, bank records and all forms of electronic communication and activity are monitored (including this one – maybe I’m hoping one of the “yahoos just doing their job” will read this and decide to be a hero like Edward Snowden).

The FBI killed a guy in Boston today.  He hadn’t commited any crimes but their surveillance of him led them to believe that he was becoming “radicalized.”  They confronted him, they say he had a knife and did not obey commands so they killed him for what he’s read, said and might do in the future.

My guess is he was some unlucky schmuck, probably on meds, who posed little or no threat to society.  Yet they marched him out just in time to show how well our surveillance program “to keep us safe” is working.  Ironic that the news today reported that the TSA failed 95% of the time to detect bombs and weapons in a recent audit.

Those willing to sacrifice essential Liberty in the mistaken belief that it will make them safer get and deserve neither.  The absense of Liberty is the straightest path to Gitmo, fascism and to the edge of an IS knife.

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