Despite the threats of certain calamity those plucky Brits went out and poked their (middle) finger in the eye of the collectivists, media and bureaucratic elites by voting to take the road back to sovereignty. I’m surprised, but glad for them. I had assumed they were all a bunch of nanny-staters by now. I am happily wrong about at least 52% of them.

No doubt the road ahead will be rough.  The established politically entitled will likely do what they can to sabotage and obfuscate any success in an attempt to contain this germ of self determination from spreading to other Countries.

This result will be blamed for triggering the financial calamity already in place thanks to the bankster ponzi-schemes sanctioned by the political elite. Backstopped by tax payers and immunity from any personal accountability, these casino frauds have ballooned beyond the comprehensible.

Debt – demand brought forward –  has peaked despite all of the liquidity printed out of thin air. The uber wealthy have benefited from these criminal monetary policies while the average prole struggles with too much debt and doesn’t need any more plastic shit made somewhere else cluttering up the home he can’t really afford.

For the moment it appears the Ballot Box has prevailed. I suspect the Jury Box will be the next avenue the bureaucratic elite use in an attempt to subvert the will of the people. Hopefully it will end there and no other boxes will be required.


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