For the record

Even if I was in Charlosttesville, VA I would NOT have attended – “Don’t go to stupid places with stupid people and do stupid things.” – unknown, often repeated, sage advice.

Some are taking “sides.” From my perspective, my “side” was NOT represented. Nothing I can say will change your mind. Your self proclaimed enlightenment looks anything but from my perch.

My prayer is that THIS is as far as it goes. Base on what I’ve read/heard since, I fear it may just be the beginning.

How do you HATE those you don’t even know? Ask yourself, WHO controls your beliefs? I doubt it’s you.

If your judgement of another is based on how they look or ANYTHING else beyond their control, FUCK YOU!

THE ONLY thing you can control is yourself. Try NOT to suck and make life miserable for the rest of us. CHOOSE to be better and enrich those around you. DON’T be a turd.

I don’t see many on my “side” which seems to be outside of the “sides” being recognized by the mass media. Sadly it appears the media finds its profit in blood.

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