Ain’t News

The biases at various “news” sites  are most apparent by what is NOT being reported and to the weight a story is given.  One site may headline how President Trump is obviously guilty of collusion with the Russians and will soon be impeached while any news of Hillary’s Russian connections, pay to play, hijacking of DNC and the shafting of Bernie are absent. Another site may inversely reflect those same stories.

When speaking to folks about current events where their cognitive biases lie and which “news” sources they prefer to hear echo those sentiments quickly become evident. Any challenge to their beliefs or ignorance is met with defensiveness, the intensity of which is directly related to the emotional investment they have in the narrative/agenda. It is rare that anyone will look deeply into what contradicts their delusion – myself included.

Honestly I do not know what to believe except that I don’t believe anything I see on the news is 100% fact or presented in an unbiased fashion. The gap between what is being reported on and what actually is going on in my life that I can actually do something about it is so wide that it is virtually pointless to watch the “news.”

I’ve not found discussing these issues with others, even those who’s biases are more in alignment with my own, to be productive. Any chance to truly make a positive difference in the world does not depend on me changing you but for me to make the changes in myself that hopefully will resonate in others. Perhaps then, like notes in a chord, good things will come of it.

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