2017 Prognostications – how well did I do?

Perhaps my worst performance to date…:

Dow 18,000 NOT EVEN CLOSE! Currently 24,651!

Gold 1,200 -A Bit low but close

Gas $3.55/gallon. Range of $2.10-4. – Generally correct though it didn’t slide down as low as I predicted.

Housing continues to slide.  -Not seeing that around here…

“Legacy media” gets caught in scandals as the actual purveyors of the “fake news.” Fading… -Hey got this one right!

Russia gains more international support as corruption in American politics and policy is more widely exposed. -It appears correct at least in the middle east and perhaps Asia.

Trump makes Obama look lazy. – subjective but generally yes.

Obamacare unwinds. If paying more for insurance you can’t use qualifies, I got this one right too.

Shopping malls begin to fade. -Retail stores are suffering. Amazon is kicking everyone’s ass.

The Clinton scandals tarnish others. Looks like anyone connected to the Clintons is corrupt – Donna Braisles (sp) book and others…

Seahawks fall short of the Superbowl. Didn’t make it in 2017, too early to tell if the will make it in 2018. My bet is they won’t.

Mariners make the playoffs. Nope

More terrorist attacks in the west by jihadists. Yup

European financial turmoil continues. Still kicking the can down the road.

China’s financial challenges boil over. The lid is still on the pot.

Fukashima is makes headlines. Nope

Big Quake >5 in PNW Nope

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