2018 prognostications

My guesses for next year:

Gasoline will top $4 sometime during the year.

Dow has a 25% correction.

Interest rates remain very low.

Seahawks fail to make the superbowl in 2018.

Mariners fail to make the playoffs in 2018.

My interest in televised sport might be rekindled with the Winter Olympics if an internet path is available, I will NOT watch network coverage. The Tour, MLB, NFL, etc. remain soiled and unwatchable to me.

The rumblings in Saudi Arabia intensify and radiate beyond their borders.

The EU continues to crumble. I suspect the crash is a ways off yet.

The “perv-nado” (male sexual harassers) brings down more celebrity and political elites but the tide will peak and ebb this year. A few will be exonerated, though they will be forever chard by the flames of accusation.

The democrats will make modest gains in the mid term elections.

The Russian conspiracy investigation will not lead to impeachment.

Corporate legacy media will continue its trend toward irrelevance.

North Korean tensions come to a head.

The Clintons’ reputation further degrades as more corruption comes to light.

Funding for colleges declines.

Gold tops 1,500.

NFL ratings continue to slide.

The Fed raises interest rates .25% one time.

An alternative to Youtube emerges.

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