2018 predictions – how did I do?

Another year has sped by.

Gasoline will top $4 sometime during the year. Wrong. It did get to the mid 3’s but didn’t top $4

Dow has a 25% correction. Wrong! so far… It did climb to 26,800+ and has recently corrected to just over 24,000. There are still a few weeks left in the year. NOT one I want to be right about. I’ve heard no satisfactory reason why it went up as high as it did other than delusion. I suspect it will end the year lower yet. Not likely the big correction I predicted though. (Update: with one day to go the market is just over 23,000)

Interest rates remain very low. Low though there were some hikes this year.

Seahawks fail to make the superbowl in 2018. Correct. Didn’t watch a single game.

Mariners fail to make the playoffs in 2018. Correct didn’t watch a single game.

My interest in televised sport might be rekindled with the Winter Olympics if an internet path is available, I will NOT watch network coverage. The Tour, MLB, NFL, etc. remain soiled and unwatchable to me. I didn’t watch TV or follow any event. I guess the tour was great.

The rumblings in Saudi Arabia intensify and radiate beyond their borders. With the murder of a journalist popular with the establishment media they have  brought more eyes on themselves. This is likely the early stages of public awareness of a decaying regime. I believe it will continue to destabilize in the years to come.

The EU continues to crumble. I suspect the crash is a ways off yet. The Yellow Vest protests have brought attention to the eroding EU experiment. The political elite have ascended and are no longer of the people. This too is a trend I predict will continue.

The “perv-nado” (male sexual harassers) brings down more celebrity and political elites but the tide will peak and ebb this year. A few will be exonerated, though they will be forever chard by the flames of accusation. It seems that I was correct. The pendulum has swung against the #metoo movement as it has been exposed as just another antisemitic social justice front at the highest levels. Some of been called out for their own abuse and others have disavowed.

The democrats will make modest gains in the mid term elections. The republicans retained the senate. The Democrats took the house though not by the margin they had predicted. The “blue wave” didn’t materialize.

The Russian conspiracy investigation will not lead to impeachment. This is developing. I’ve heard proclamations on both sides that indicate my prediction may or may not be correct. There are many teaser headlines and discussions about the imminent impeachment but nothing yet that is verifiable.

Corporate legacy media will continue its trend toward irrelevance. Yup and their desperation is showing in the form of deplatforming of MSM alternatives and click-bait fake news headlines.

North Korean tensions come to a head. They have removed some outposts and there are signs of progress toward easing of tensions.

The Clintons’ reputation further degrades as more corruption comes to light. Everyone but the mainstream media seems to realize this.

Funding for colleges declines. Generally correct on this one. Enrollment is down.

Gold tops 1,500. Nope

NFL ratings continue to slide. It appears the ratings may be rebounding from last year.

The Fed raises interest rates .25% one time. I think they raised it twice. With the market tumult currently underway they have signaled a halt in the future hikes.

An alternative to Youtube emerges. Youtube remains a viable platform but it is clear that it is capable of self destruction. Patreon slashed its own wrist by de-platforming Sargon. I remains to be seen if it will bleed out. There is a fertile ground available for alternative hosting and creator support. I’m certain those niches will be exploited in the not too distant future. Bitchute, Minds, Gab have floated somewhat clunky alternatives but they have taken root. Their is room for innovation and I suspect once that is realized the Facebook, Google, YT, twitter monopolies will being to dissolve. They have violated the trust of the users and there is a hunger for the unrestrained freedom to express and debate ideas.

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