2019 predictions

Here are my best guesses for what might unfold in 2019.

-Gasoline will top $4 some time this year.

-European Union will continue to fracture under the pressure of the common folks disenchantment and the political elites’ out of touch perspective. I suspect they may enact some noteworthy measures of appeasement to  maintain order.

-Trust and reliance on legacy media, corporations and government institutions continues to erode despite their collusion.

-Censorship and denial of reality based policies has created a vacuum that may create alternative societal means of exchange (currencies), media and social platforms.

-Faith in fiat currency erodes.

-Gold tops $1,500 US

-The emergence of expatriated silicon valley types forms an anti-leftist movement to counter their totalitarian overreach.

-A shadow economy emerges outside of government regulated and taxed commerce.

-Pension fund failures make the headlines.

-The Clinton scandals will come to light that even the MSM will face accountability.

-More censorship will be tried and the push-back will expose it.

-Alternative social platforms and means of commerce gain relevance.

-There is realization by the proletariat that they need not delegate authority to corrupt elitist overlords.

-The Seahawks fall short of the Superbowl.

If my past record is any indication of the viability of these predictions it would be safe bet that little of this will come to pass.

Happy New Year to all. May we all find peace, health and fulfillment in this coming year.

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