NFL Self Immolation

With all of the college educated talent in the NFL it would seem that a coherent message could be put forth that reaches the intended audience and at least hints at a viable solution to the issue(s) they are trying to address.

Unfortunately, it appears (to me) that the message has been lost and is perceived as divisive rhetoric serving only to assign blame without offering any amicable resolutions.

With millions of eyes tuning in for entertainment each week it would seem that a message could be formulated and delivered in such a way that addresses these issues the vast majority of Americans already agree are problems in our society. I suspect that equality and justice FOR ALL are virtually universally held American tenets they want promoted, protected and preserved for EVERYONE.

Why this is elusive is a mystery. The League responses seem to only further divide and alienate.

The President’s actions are puzzling as well. Had he recognized the First Amendment Right of the players to express themselves and invited the insights and experiences of players from these communities, it is likely we’d better understand the problems and be able to formulate solutions.

It appears the loudest voices (on all “sides”) are bent on destroying it rather than fixing it. The principles set forth in our Constitution are a good foundation to build upon. I would argue that it is better to strive toward the ideal of “Liberty and Justice for All” than to embrace chaos hoping something better will emerge. History tells us how easy it is to succumb to tyranny and how difficult it is to establish and maintain a country based on individual liberty that so many aspire to be a part of despite its many flaws.

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The Loudest Voices

The edges continue to fray.

One side calls EVERYONE a Nazi whilst flying soviet flags. If that ain’t “calling the kettle black…”

The another extreme seems to be equally antagonistic though their message seems to be lost. I can’t tell if they ARE actually Nazis. I’ve not heard any race rhetoric or desire to shut down the speech of the “other” side unless it involves disdain for NFL players deciding to kneel during the national anthem.

For the record I support Colin Kapernick’s choice and right to take a knee during the national anthem. What is the point of saluting the flag unless it is voluntary. Home towner Mike Bennett the same. He believes sincerely in his cause. Agree or disagree he IS entitled to freedom of expression. The consequences are what they are. HE has made that choice.

How far will the toward the middle it unravel? That is my concern.

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Washington (State) name change?

Yup, it’s a thing. In the current political atmosphere pulling down statues is the thing to do. Ignoring/erasing history somehow makes things better.

Rev. Sharpton suggested defunding the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC.  I wonder if he knows Jefferson made some notable contributions to our republic that we all have benefited from… or will those need to be scrubbed too?

How long before renaming Washington state and/or DC will get mainstream corporate media air time?

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The Donald

I don’t get it. So far I”m dumbfounded by the appeal other than the anti-establishment message. While I’m appreciative that he took down the Bush and Clinton dynasties I’m left wondering if that was it. The shine is mighty shallow if aht is the case. Certainly he faces massive headwinds – establishment controlled media and the identity politics lackeys will forever mischaracterize everyone not Goose Stepping to their dogma as deplorable which is demonstratively false – apparently it’s the only song they know.

Perhaps I’m missing something – my third grade public education may limit my ability to figure it out. Maybe someone could splain to to me?


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For the record

Even if I was in Charlosttesville, VA I would NOT have attended – “Don’t go to stupid places with stupid people and do stupid things.” – unknown, often repeated, sage advice.

Some are taking “sides.” From my perspective, my “side” was NOT represented. Nothing I can say will change your mind. Your self proclaimed enlightenment looks anything but from my perch.

My prayer is that THIS is as far as it goes. Base on what I’ve read/heard since, I fear it may just be the beginning.

How do you HATE those you don’t even know? Ask yourself, WHO controls your beliefs? I doubt it’s you.

If your judgement of another is based on how they look or ANYTHING else beyond their control, FUCK YOU!

THE ONLY thing you can control is yourself. Try NOT to suck and make life miserable for the rest of us. CHOOSE to be better and enrich those around you. DON’T be a turd.

I don’t see many on my “side” which seems to be outside of the “sides” being recognized by the mass media. Sadly it appears the media finds its profit in blood.

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Violence is NOT Speech

It is incomprehensible to me how anyone could come to the conclusion that driving a vehicle into a crowd of demonstrators would serve their cause. What was the outcome he was expecting?

The extreme fringes of our society are unraveling. Their marches are less about promoting an idea than pushing beyond the limits of socially acceptable behavior and setting the stage for battle.

Violence is NOT speech. It serves only to polarize.  You brought attention to your cause and I’m even more convinced your ideas suck.

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Booming Times

We’re riding a financial bubble, measured in dollars, to record highs. Janet Yellen said she doesn’t expect a to see another crisis in our lifetime… I hope she’s right.

It’s never been easier to be an American human. Conveniences, wealth, opportunity security… The cloud cover (the future) obscures my view of the peak. My guess is we’re near it. I’m doing what I can to stay “On, belay.”

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