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Traffic Lights

I have a theory that the number of Traffic Lights in an area directly corresponds to the crime rate and quality of life.  The more lights there are the higher the crime rate is and the quality of life goes … Continue reading

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To Bow or not to Bow

Scored a PSE Nova today with a bunch of accessories including a 3D target.  At 15 yards I’m shooting sub 3" groups without adjusting the sights on my very first day with minimal previous experience.  Today was an excellent day.

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Crabs a plenty

Crab season opened this Wednesday.  Limited out on Dungeness Crab both days I soaked my pot.  Actually threw some back.  None of use needed two pots and actually we had three limits in two pots.  The rest went back in … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday America

 Happy Independence Day! 232 years ago brave individuals set an idea into motion that continues to mature and improve.  Not perfectly but better than anything anywhere else.  On this day remember and honor those that made this wonderful land possible.  … Continue reading

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