Monthly Archives: January 2005

Blessed in many ways

I’m lucky in many ways. All of my life I’ve felt I’ve been blessed. One of those blessings is my Grandmother. Not many 43 year old men have a healthy and active 85 year old grandmother. Today we had lunch … Continue reading

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Rant: What’s wrong with us?

As the human investation continues to smother the planet our societal behavior will need to adapt. Our perspective and expectations need to be adjusted. I don’t have any answers, just observations. Why do people leave shopping carts blocking parking spaces, … Continue reading

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Every once in a while…

It’s good to step back and take stock of what we have. If you have good health you have something more valuable than any treasure. Sometimes it takes a health crisis to make us realize this. I have a friend … Continue reading

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Blog practice

Not a lot to report, just trying to make sure I write something. With practice I might actually post something worth reading one day. Be sure to check out the pictures though… At least they are worth seeing.

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Checking in

Just stopping by to update the world (not) about the happenings and excitement here are the ranch. The Pups are doing well. They felt a little sad because they were left at home while we both worked today. They’d much … Continue reading

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First Ride

DRY pavement in January? The temptation was too much to resist. I rode. It was damn chilly though. Probably should have put on the booties because my toes froze. The rest of me was comfortable under three layers. I did … Continue reading

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On the second day of the year…

Twas a good day. Crisp clear and dry. The pups got a swim, or more accurately a wade. The tide was out and I was unable to throw a stick far enough to reach deep water. They still had a … Continue reading

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