Institutional Bastardization

The legitimacy of Government appears to be in question.  Rules seem only to apply when instituted by those united by a shared dogma. One mob refuses to recognize the decrees of the other if perceived to be unfavorable to their agenda. Even the veritably of the democratic process is doubted.

More and more are waking to the reality that government is little more than theater. The laws it creates apply only to some and rarely to those who create them.

Imagining they are solving some societal ill the political elite pass laws to coerce behaviors that inevitably birth a myriad of unintended consequences   Enforcement is difficult at best and those in violation may not even know it. In some cases the laws are only selectively enforced and typically against political rivals.



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Firewood and Stake Futures

Witch hunting is in fashion again. Make an uncorroborated vaguely plausible allegation of sexual misconduct and destroy anyone targeted. Scores of character witnesses, a history of conduct to the contrary and outright denial will NOT shield them.

Dr. Christine Fair of Georgetown University posted:

“Look at [this] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement,” she wrote. “All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.”

The demand for stakes and firewood is on the rise.

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Too Rosy

For a long time I’ve been suspicious of our societal institutions. Particularly their sustainability and viability. At some point debt matters. Someone will be left holding the bag.

Things are mighty rosy now. I hope it lasts. Not counting on it though.

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The testimonials are revealing and powerful. The mass media is downplaying the movement which makes me suspect it has some weight to it.

Many of the participants cite the betrayal of the media as their reason to #WalkAway.

Time will tell if it will have an impact on the coming elections.

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The dominoes are stacked.

I sense the dominoes are stacked waiting for something to trigger the cascade into disorder. What, how and when are the questions I ponder. The why and the who will come later.

Despite that shade, life has never been better. I’m grateful and enjoying the present. What lay ahead is beyond my control for the most part. I endeavor to be resilient and useful in the ways I can. I am Blessed,


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Bogus or True?

The narrative driven media puppets distort events, statistics, “facts,” images, intent, labels, etc. to further the agenda of whomever is pulling the strings and signing the paychecks. The cognitive bias of many (most?) can readily find a vein to tap into that reinforces those beliefs.

Some current tropes making headlines are;

-Syria’s use of chemical weapons. I’ve seen believable “evidence” supporting and refuting this claim. I suspect it is most likely a false flag event to excuse military action, funding and attention in the region. Syria has essentially quashed the rebellion of thugs that likely would have converted a secular state into a theocracy of chaos. Syria has NO motive to tempt the wraith of the world by utilizing such weapons as the conflict comes to a close.

-Russians everywhere. It seems a few hackers can influence elections and rewrite blog posts of leftist “journalists” with impunity.  Why we feel the need to “poke the bear” is beyond me.

-The notion that we are swimming in oil is patently false. We are NOT an exporter of oil. Our consumption outpaces our production by at least 2 million barrels per day.

-We’re on our way to Mars and Earth to Earth rocket transport is on the horizon. At 90 million a launch this is nothing but a freak show.

-Nazis everywhere. The VAST majority of us can agree that the National Socialist Workers Party (aka Nazis) are TERRIBLE. The FEW that may subscribe to that dogma are not a credible threat to our Republic. Those who wish to sacrifice our Liberty and Justice to extinguish the smoldering remnants from its last incarnation will certain fan it back into a flame. Why anyone can believe that surrendering and stifling free speech will protect them is beyond me. The rights you deny others will eventually be denied to you.


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Doubling down on failure

The faith in “parchment protection” to remedy societal maladies puzzles me. The truly evil among us are not detoured by imaginary protections.

Being formidable would better serve the vulnerable. Disarmed does NOT equal safety.

The pressure to add yet another layer of phantom barriers in the pretense of keeping us safe is building. In reality the malefactors benefit from these measures in the form of a safer work environment.

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